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Going Off Grid – SPI 2016

As part of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Smart Energy Microgid Pavilion (SEMP), Brian Patterson (EMerge Alliance), Julia Hamm (SEPA) and Austin “DC” Powers, unplugged the SEMP from the grid during Solar Power International 2016.  Attendees marveled at the seamless transition from a grid connected, to a grid disconnected, state.  The lead engineer on the project, David Geary, co-founder of DC-NEXUS and part of Power Analytics,  helped put together a number of key features that make the SEMP a showcase for direct current technologies that bring together the best in solar, grid, energy storage and energy management technologies.  Key features of the SEMP include:


1) Ability to integrate a large quantity and variety of power inputs.

2) The SEMP can operate in conjunction with the grid or isolated from the grid.

3) Enhanced energy efficiency due to the minimization of power conversions.

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