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DC-NEXUS Formal Launch

With the start of the Solar Power International Show in Las Vegas and the unveiling of the Smart Energy Microgrid Pavilion, we at DC-NEXUS are proud to announce the formal launch of our website.  We are excited to report on all of the latest direct current related news from the show.


A copy of our press release follows below:


DC-NEXUS Launches New Website to Promote Direct Current (DC) Power Technologies to accelerAtE THE ADOPTION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS


Chicago, IL. September, 2016 / PRNewswire/ — DC-NEXUS, LLC announced today the launch of its new media website, “DC-NEXUS, The Center for Direct Current”.  DC-NEXUS created the site to provide news and information about Direct Current (DC) power technologies designed to meet sustainability and climate change initiatives, improve the ease of renewable energy integration, increase power system reliability and foster economic development across the globe. The new website aims to build and promote a nexus of collaboration between the public, government, industry and academia on the benefits of DC power to address the challenges faced by utility companies, rising energy costs and threats to the electric grid.

The DC-NEXUS website aims to be the premier industry portal tracking and reporting on DC projects, solutions and products covering a broad market spectrum including:

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Data Centers & Telco/Cable Central Offices
  • Manufacturing and Process Facilities
  • Residential and Medical Buildings
  • Cellular Towers and Remote Access Systems
  • Low/Medium and High Voltage Microgrids
  • Energy storage, distribution and transmission

Dr. Anil Cherian, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, DC-NEXUS, commented “more so than ever, news, information, product, marketing and training resources are needed for an audience focused on DC technology’s transformative role to reduce carbon emissions, operating costs, and increase efficiencies in advanced power systems, while improving their reliability, resiliency, flexibility and sustainability”.  “A regular feature of our new website and unique to DC-NEXUS will be the publication of The DC-NEXUS Journal – a premier original content journal for direct current technologies and solutions”.  Dr. Cherian believes the site’s traffic and influence will continue to grow as DC-NEXUS, The Center for Direct Current, becomes the go-to site for direct current technologies and solutions across multiple business segments.

To support the website and its members, DC-NEXUS has created the DC-NEXUS Collaborative, a consortium of like-minded academic, industry and not-for-profit entities that seek to accelerate the adoption of DC power, promote and grow the DC ecosystem by fostering collaboration on projects, products and solutions using DC as a transformative technology.  Brian Patterson, President of the EMerge Alliance, whose important work is developing standards for DC power commented “DC-NEXUS is a natural evolution in bringing DC technologies to the marketplace as we and our EMerge Alliance member companies work to put in place standards, policies and procedures for the effective implementation and use of DC power”.  As part of their website launch, DC-NEXUS invites leaders within the DC ecosystem the opportunity to help shape the direction of DC-NEXUS, as well as the overall industry, by becoming members of the DC-NEXUS Collaborative.  Involvement with the DC-NEXUS Collaborative will help create job opportunities and economic growth.  Chairman level membership in the Collaborative has been granted to an esteemed group of founders that include:

  • Rajendra Singh – Clemson University
  • Kanad Ghose – Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems – Binghamton University
  • Gregory Reed – Electric Power System Lab – University of Pittsburgh
  • Brandon Grainger – Electric Power System Lab – University of Pittsburgh
  • Sandy Vanderstoep – Alliance for Sustainable Colorado
  • Terence Hill – Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)
  • Brian Patterson – The EMerge Alliance


A Presidential level of invited membership is now being formed and will be announced shortly.  The original and initial Chairman and Presidential level members will make up the advisory board for DC-NEXUS as Founding Members and will be regular contributors to the Website and the DC-NEXUS Journal.

About DC-NEXUS LLC: DC-NEXUS was founded in 2015 by industry professionals determined focused on making a significant difference in the world surrounding energy.  Based in Chicago with offices in PA, NJ and MD, DC-NEXUS works closely with leaders in industry, academia, government agencies and standards organizations to offer daily news and articles on the benefits of direct current (DC) technology. DC-NEXUS issues a weekly newsletter and advertises DC related products and manufacturers on its web site under the heading “Electric Avenue”.  Through education of the public and promotion of DC technologies, DC-NEXUS is fostering an environment for the adoption of DC technologies in all facets of life, thereby increasing sustainability, power reliability, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.  For additional information, visit our website


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