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I. Introduction
A. Basics of Direct Current (DC)
1. Definition
2. Physics
3. High Voltage DC
4. Medium Voltage DC
5. Low Voltage DC
B. Alternating Current vs Direct Current
1. Past
2. Present
C. Advantages of DC
1. Reliability
2. Efficiency
3. DC Loads
4. Alternative Energy Integration
5. Load Balancing
6. Lower Capital and Operating Expenses (TCO)
7. Other Advantages of DC
D. Codes and Standards
E. Safety
1. Introduction & General Overview
2. Grounding
3. Short Circuit
4. Arc Flash
5. Circuit Protection

II. Applications
A. Transmission – High and Medium Voltage DC
B. Industrial
C. Commercial
D. Residential
E. Data Centers and IT
F. Micro-Grids and Distributed Generation

III. Barriers to Adoption
A. Common Misconceptions
B. Safety Concerns
C. Training
D. Integration with Existing Infrastructure

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