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Efficiency and Resiliency CAN happen together – DC Microgrids Show the Way

When deploying a microgrid, operators can achieve high resiliency. If these microgrids are deployed with direct current transmission, efficiency savings…

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Initial PITT-OHIO Success drives further investment in DC Systems

Working with the University of Pittsburg, PITT-OHIO demonstrates financial benefits to using DC based micro-grids in freight and logistics applications.

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Will Siemens investment in microgrids push DC forward?

Siemens announced a massive investment in microgrids at their Princeton, New Jersey campus. Will this and similar investments make the…

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Next Generation Power for Industry

German research groups from ¬†Fraunhofer Institutes for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB¬†push for…

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Direct Current Applications in Lighting Solutions

Reduced carbon emissions, increased cost savings, enhanced safety and resiliency are achieved when using direct current technologies.

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Off-Grid Appliances Benefit from DC

DC power technology provides more efficiency for home appliances; however, it's ability to be more resilient is often overlooked.

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DC-NEXUS aims to build and promote a nexus of collaboration between the public, government, industry and academia on the benefits of Direct Current (DC) power vs Alternating Current (AC). The innovations enabled by DC power will play a significant role in the daily lives of people across the globe. DC power enables the delivery of electricity to remote areas, reduces energy costs and increases reliability. As a media company, DC-NEXUS tracks and reports on DC projects, solutions, and products across the globe covering the market segments of 1) Transmission (Micro-Grids), 2) Industrial 3) Commercial 4) Residential 5) Data Centers and IT and 6) Generation.

About DC-Nexus

DC-NEXUS was founded in 2015 by individuals determined and focused on making a significant difference in the world. Based in Chicago with offices in PA, NJ and MD, DC-NEXUS works closely with leaders in industry, academia, government agencies and standards organizations to offer daily news and articles on the benefits of direct current (DC) technology. DC-NEXUS issues a weekly newsletter and advertises DC related products on its web site under the heading “Electric Avenue”. Through education of the public and promotion of DC technologies, DC-NEXUS is fostering an environment for the adoption of DC technologies in all facets of life, thereby increasing reliability and reducing energy costs.

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