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Following the exciting events and presentations of Solar Power International (2016), we are busy preparing the direct current news stories that will showcase the best innovations displayed in Las Vegas.  In mean time, we would like to take this opportunity to formally announce the launch of the DC-NEXUS Collaborative.

Creating meaningful and sustainable change is tough and requires organized effort.  With the world under the impression that alternating current is the only way to distribute electric energy, it has proven difficult for those open to change to get the information they need to deploy complete systems.  Additionally, organizations need a resource that demonstrates that direct current is not just a solution for lighting and solar systems but rather an integral part of all electrical segments.

With much of the electric energy consumed today going through semiconductors (i.e. direct current), subject matter experts in industry, academia and standards organizations agree there are tremendous advantages to a direct current infrastructure.  Bringing the expertise and resources of academia together with industry to achieve this change represents the challenge of our time.

The launch of the DC-NEXUS Collaborative provides the platform to bring together the best from academia, non-profits and industry.  Founding members of the DC-NEXUS collaborative can be found here.  To enhance the influence of each DC-NEXUS Collaborative tier, we have formed an advisory board, comprised of select members from the DC-NEXUS Collaborative.  Members of this Advisory board can be found here.  We are thankful for the contributions they have already made and excited by the prospects of direct current solutions and our ability to showcase them to the world.


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