Envision a collective comprised of the best from academia, non-profits and industry all working together to promote a common cause.  The DC-NEXUS Collaborative is the realization of that vision.  We are bringing together all facets of the direct current industry to provide an unprecedented platform for collaboration.



In early 2015, the founders of dcFusion created a collaborative of like minded direct current (DC) advocates.  The collaborative was borne out of the need to promote the benefits of direct current and clarify the misunderstandings surrounding it.  The dcFusion Collaborative  moved forward by providing DC solutions comprised of products and services from individual collaborative members.  Building on this success, the founders of dcFusion, Tim Martinson and David Geary, joined with Anil Cherian and Joe Suppers to create DC-NEXUS.  Through education of the public and promotion of DC technologies, DC-NEXUS is fostering an environment for the adoption of DC technologies.  With the founders of dcFusion an integral part of the DC-NEXUS team, the collaborative lives on as the DC-NEXUS Collaborative.



To ensure collaboration between academia, industry and align non-profits, we have created different tiers of membership.  Our Chairman level is exclusively for academia and non-profits.  Membership at this level is by invitation only.  For Industry, we have three different tiers of membership 1) President, 2) Vice President and 3) Director.  Each tier is designed to provide maximum impact depending upon a company’s involvement and impact on the direct current ecosystem.  To learn more about Industry level membership, please contact us today.